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Opening a Damaged Safe

Having a safe installed in your home can be really useful. It is the ideal way to keep important documents and valuable items secure. However, if the locking mechanism on your safe is damaged, it can be a real headache. My name is Fran and this is what happened to me. I was about to leave my home to travel abroad on business when I discovered I couldn't open the safe which contained my passport. I was in a real panic! Thankfully, an emergency locksmith came around to my home and opened the safe so I could retrieve my travel documents. When I returned, I contacted the same locksmith and asked him to install a new safe in my property.



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Four factors to consider when selecting the ideal lock for your shed

Most people use padlocks to secure their sheds. The best thing about using latches to secure the shed is that they can be reinforced with a hasp. The security of your shed is essential because it determines how well secured your farm tools and other household equipment will be. In case you are looking for a suitable locking mechanism for your shed, you need to start thinking about the following tips and guidelines when making a choice.

The security of the hasp

If you want to find out how secure your hasp is, look at the shed when the door to your shed has been secured. When the clasp is installed correctly, it should not display anything about the types of screws which have been used to secure it. In case you can see the kinds of screws which have been used to secure it, ensure that the heads are not standard to avoid external interference.

Ensuring the hasp is secure

No matter how good the hasp is, it will not be of any use if it can be easily taken off the door. Instead of making the mistake of installing a hasp which can be tampered with, your equipment will not be safe. The material used to make the hasp should be strong enough to withstand different weather conditions, primarily because it will be located outdoors at all times.

Inspect the bolts for rust

The other thing that undermines the security of your home dramatically is locks whose bolts are susceptible to rusting. When the bolts rust, they become weak, which makes it very simple for intruders to either remove them or tamper with them in another way. When installing the lock, choose a material which will withstand all the harsh elements of the weather.

Adding a deadbolt to the shed

Another option that is rare in shed security, but worth consideration is the addition of a deadbolt. If your garden shed has a standard house door, it might be possible to add a deadbolt. The door has to be thick enough so that the strike plate can be used in securing the bolt when the deadbolt is locked.

These are a few of the tips that you should think about when it comes to securing your garden shed. Note that professional locksmiths give the best advice on home security and especially the locks that should be utilised. Take time and choose a reliable locksmith for the sake of your home's safety.