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Opening a Damaged Safe

Having a safe installed in your home can be really useful. It is the ideal way to keep important documents and valuable items secure. However, if the locking mechanism on your safe is damaged, it can be a real headache. My name is Fran and this is what happened to me. I was about to leave my home to travel abroad on business when I discovered I couldn't open the safe which contained my passport. I was in a real panic! Thankfully, an emergency locksmith came around to my home and opened the safe so I could retrieve my travel documents. When I returned, I contacted the same locksmith and asked him to install a new safe in my property.



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2 Occasions When a Mobile Locksmith Will Not Need to Change Your Door Lock

If your key is not working and you cannot gain entry to your home, you should call a mobile locksmith. A mobile locksmith will head straight out to your property so they can help you to gain entry. Many people mistakenly believe that a mobile locksmith will always replace the locks on their front door. However, this is not true. There are some situations the locksmith will be able to carry out repairs to the lock or the door structure which fix the problem without fitting a new lock. Below is a guide to 2 such occasions.

The locking mechanism is dirty

If you only feel limited movement when you turn the key, this may be due to dirt which has built up within the locking mechanism or it could be the result of a jammed pin within the lock. When your keys are in your pocket, they can attract all kinds of tiny bits of dust and debris. Every time the key is inserted into the lock, some of this debris may be transferred into the barrel and onto the moving parts of the mechanism. If enough debris accumulates, the lock may seize up. A mobile locksmith will spray high-pressure air into a lock to clear away any debris. If this solves the problem, there will be no need to change the lock. 

The wooden door and doorframe are out of shape

If when you try to open the door, the key turns in the lock as it should, then it is possible that the cause of the problem is with the door frame which surrounds the doors locking mechanism. When the weather is cold and damp, an untreated wooden door and doorframe may absorb moisture which causes the wood to swell in size. As the wood expands, it causes the space between the doorframe and the door to contract, which causes the door to jam shut even when it is unlocked. A mobile locksmith will inspect the lock and the frame. If they suspect that swollen wood is the cause of the issue, they will use specialist tools separate the areas of door and doorframe which are jammed so access can be gained. Once the door is open, the locksmith will remove very thin sections of wood from the edge of the door to prevent problems in the future.

If you would like further advice, you should contact a locksmith today.