Opening a Damaged SafeOpening a Damaged Safe

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Opening a Damaged Safe

Having a safe installed in your home can be really useful. It is the ideal way to keep important documents and valuable items secure. However, if the locking mechanism on your safe is damaged, it can be a real headache. My name is Fran and this is what happened to me. I was about to leave my home to travel abroad on business when I discovered I couldn't open the safe which contained my passport. I was in a real panic! Thankfully, an emergency locksmith came around to my home and opened the safe so I could retrieve my travel documents. When I returned, I contacted the same locksmith and asked him to install a new safe in my property.



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4 Factors to Consider When Buying Door Handles

Door handles are an essential part of a home as they are the first thing people notice when they walk through the front door. Therefore, finding the right door handles for your home is a top priority that should accurately reflect your taste and personality. If you are contemplating buying door handles, here are four factors you must consider.

Door Function

Your home has different doors serving different purposes. For instance, bathroom and bedroom doors provide privacy and should, therefore, have locking door handles. Hallway doors are mainly for decorative purposes so a non-locking door knob will suffice. A keyed knob is suitable for the front and back doors to enhance the security of your home. Such door handles should have a robust security mechanism to prevent breaking in.

Quality of materials

The type of materials will determine the strength and durability of the door handles. Doorknobs must be durable to withstand constant opening and closing without getting loose or falling off entirely. Test out different handles to see which one provides the best grip. The materials should also be durable enough to withstand extreme weather elements such as during the summer. Insist on a warranty as a precaution.

Interior décor

Door handles should blend seamlessly with the theme of your décor. If you like warm colours, brass or bronze door handles would be ideal whereas chrome and stainless steel would be a perfect fit for cool colours like grey. Door handle designs should also flow with the design of other pieces of furniture in the room such as cabinets. If you are not ardent in interior décor, enlist the services of an interior decorator to guide you through the process.


Whether you are constructing a new home or embarking on a remodelling project, you must determine beforehand how much money you are willing to spend. A proper budget will help keep costs in check and will help you determine what you can or cannot buy. If you are not sure what budget to allocate to door handles, you can start by considering crucial factors like door handle designs and durability. Price comparisons with local stores will bring clarity and help you make informed decisions.


Door handles can raise the overall outlook of your home. For best results, carefully consider aspects such as door handle designs, size, location, and materials. If you are in doubt, consult with an interior design expert before taking out your wallet.